Meet the designers featured on Normou. We curate a selection of eco friendly and ethical fashion brands so that you don't have to compromise on style to shop more consciously. Each brand has a unique story and we are excited to share it with you. There are many ways to identify as an eco friendly fashion brand, so each designer has their own way of having a clean supply chain. 

Canela Concept Brand On Normou


Canela Concept was founded by Ana Laura Garcia in Panama. Ana creates her gorgeous and durable beach bags out of recycled plastic thread and has them hand crafted by women in neglected areas of Panama. The recycle plastic thread is classified, recycled, and molded to create these extremely practical bags. Each bag varies in size and is easily foldable, washable, 'wear & tear' proof. Not only do you have a beach bag made out of eco friendly materials that incorporates fair wages into their supply chain, but you also have a product built to last years in your closet.  

Recycled Plastic Beach Bag Normou

CANELA M TOTE, $78 was $145

Java Recycled Plastic Beach Bag Normou


Picnic Beach Bag Out Of Recycled Plastics


Latin American Artisans Fashion


Casa Lima creates handmade woven bags that focus on highlighting the beautiful culture of Latin America. Each bag is created by skilled artisans in communities in developing countries giving them an opportunity to earn a fair wage. Casa Lima's main motivation is to empower women in Latin America and around the world. Casa Lima is committed to achieving fair working conditions and minimizing environmental impact on the design industry.

Red Handmade Sustainable Bag

ANTONIA, $62 was $82

Colorful Sustainable Fashion Handbags

MARTA, $52 was $69

White Ethical Handmade Eco Friendly Bag

SONIA, $67 was $89

Danielle Fichera Fashion


Danielle Fichera is a New York based designer who through her travels in France, came to realize her need for a properly created classic tunic. Upon her return, she worked to create her own and before she knew it, Danielle Fichera was created. Her brand sticks to classic silhouettes that effortlessly timeless and 'trend-proof'. Each piece is created with the highest quality Italian grown organic cotton. Her factory is based in New York's Garment Industry where she employs the most high skilled seamstresses. 

Organic Cotton Butterfly Dress

AMELIA, $210 was $385

Organic Cotton White Dress

STELLA, $370 was $627

Organic Cotton Sustainable Fashion White Dress

OLYMPIA, $410 was $695

Vegan Cruelty Free Orange Leather Jacket


Founded by designer Paula Maldonado, Dauntless creates vegan leather jackets. "Our mission is to bring affordable and socially conscious fashion to the masses, through high-end designs, top quality materials and a well-tailored fit for fashion-forward consumers", says Paula. They use a variety of PETA-approved materials ranging from faux-leather, faux-suede, crepe, dril, and satins. They are sourced to have the best sustainable production methods. 

Military Green Vegan Leather Jacket

IN MILITARY GREEN, $190 was $270

Vegan Bomber Jacket

BOMBER JACKET, $195 was $299

Metallic Cruelty Free Vegan Leather Jacket

METALLIC, $200 was $305


Founded by an incredibly sweet husband and wife, Sophia and Kevin have created Fanm Mon. They design in a private atelier in Ukraine where each piece is meticulously crafted for exceptional quality. Their in-house artisans pay special attention to detail and have mastered both traditional and proprietary hand embroidery techniques. Their pieces are created using linen, which the most sustainable textile found on this planet. Linen is one of the oldest known textiles, it grows from flax plant which grows rapidly without needing much water. 

Linen Embroidered White Dress

LABADIE, $270 was $649

Butterfly Embroidery Linen Blouse

MONARK, $109 was $365

Kikya Parrot Linen Blouse

KIKYA, $139 was $342


Founded by Natalia Teran in Miami, Florida, NST Studio delivers high quality accessories that are truly one-of-a-kind...literally. Each piece is made-to-order and hand crafted using original, nuanced materials. Materials include authentic fresh water pearls, woods, unique beads, and cloisonne coins. These earrings truly won't disappoint. 

Handmade Pearl Earrings


Wood and Pearl Earrings


Cloisonne Pearl Handmade Earrings



Three women created Tres Hilos in El Salvador. 'Tres' means three in Spanish. This brand is truly incredible because their main mission is providing jobs and opportunity to other women in El Salvador in the villages where before they perhaps did not have a job or way to provide for their family. They hire these women and start off their careers by doing a thorough training where they teach them the craft of how to create their earring designs by hand. Now, these women have a safe and clean place to work at every day with an honest living. Shopping these earrings helps support the livelihood of these amazing women. 

Halo Beaded Handmade Earrings

HALO, $42 was $61

Gold Elegant Beaded Hoop Earrings

LILY OF THE VALLEY, $50 was $79

Rusty Orange Beaded Hoops

MARTA 3.0 ORBIT, $55 was $89