Tips on how to see your closet in a new light

Tips on how to see your closet in a new light

Tips on how to see your closet in a new light

Recreation over Consumption

By Sarah Akiba

I grew up in a home where buying made us feel good or covered up how we were really feeling. If we were having a bad day we would just go out to the mall and buy a new outfit. Break up with a boyfriend, buy a new look and show up to school looking fly! Never re-wear the same item twice; “They can’t see me with that dress again.” It was a life of constant consumption rather than mindful purchases. Fast forward 15 years later and I have a total different perspective on fashion and clothing. I am reminded about the importance of sustainability, the fact that fast fashion is killing our earth, treating human beings like anything but a human, and is just sending out the wrong message in general. I was also reminded that no piece should just be worn once because fashion and old trends always find their way back.

As a wardrobe stylist and passionate creator to reinvent I constantly look for ways to implement that in my work. Buying timeless pieces that we can reuse or repurpose, or using old pieces and reinventing them. A lot of thrifting and repurposing. I live for designing things. This is also a way to make sure that no one “stole your look”.

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During this quarantine I have been playing dress up with my followers to get our minds off of all the chaos. I’m on my 4th insta friends closet and I’m asking them to choose 20-30 pieces in their closets that they are just not sure about so we can choose to style it in a different way, repurpose it (even giving them my seamstress’s number), or donate it. Sometimes it takes another person to give you that little push (me).

Here are some tips as to how you can see your closet in a new light:


Get inspired by some looks, then go back in your closet and see how we can create that look from what you already have. Pinterest and following new collections are my go-to.


Ask yourself these questions: Who do you want to be when you’re all dressed up? How do you want to feel? Who inspires you? What makes you feel good? Then, go for a look that answers those question.


Jump into your closet. The key is not to get overwhelmed. Choose 20 pieces you have never worn or worn once or twice, lay them out and think of ways you can match all those pieces.


Don’t X the item just yet-- How can we repurpose it to make it a timeless piece, or maybe just rip it a part and use the fabric! Let’s try and be as sustainable as possible.


Try a new trend for yourself! There’s always a couple of pieces in your closet that are just sitting there. If you haven’t worn it in the last 2 years, it’s time to give it one last shot and then let it go.


If you don’t know what to wear with those pants, that jacket, skirt, or those jeans then get yourself a pack of white hanes t-shirts and its automatically a safe look.


Keep it minimal. Less is more when choosing an outfit, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a good accessory to give it that extra umf!


Donate, gift, or host a clothing swap. Your trash may be another’s treasure. Sometimes it’s nice to get your friends and family involved and just gift it to them. Just because it’s not new doesn’t mean it’s not good.


Mismatch, play with patterns, get creative and be totally fearless.


Wear your new looks around your house... if it answers the questions from #2 you’re ready to hit the town!

I give you 30 days to wear these looks, if not, it’s time to go and get inspired for it or donate them.

This is a time to get motivated, to reinvent not just your closet, but yourself! A good outfit can make you feel that way. I urge you to take a leap in and do it. If you need that push, just follow me @soakiba and I’ll jump in with you.

Thanks for reading. Stay inside and stay beautiful!
Avec amour,
Sarah Akiba

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