Sunglasses & Sustainability: A dive into Acetate

Sunglasses & Sustainability: A dive into Acetate

Sunglasses & Sustainability: A dive into Acetate

On this #SustainableSundayStories we want to talk about how sunglasses play a role in the movement towards a more sustainable fashion industry.  

Sunglasses are one area in fashion where it is definitely challenging to be truly eco-friendly. So, we wanted to better understand why it is more difficult for this category.  

Aside from the fact that the majority of sunglasses use petroleum-based virgin plastic, the options for eco-friendly sunglasses can be a little shady.  

While there are several angles to discuss within the optics world, we want to dive into the most common material used in eco-conscious sunglasses: acetate.  

#Acetate is a semi-synthetic material made mostly by tree pulp, wood fibers, and natural cotton. It is also non-petroleum based, which is great.  

However, there is very little scientific research to support its environmental impact. While it is definitely a better option than virgin plastic, there is little information on how to assess acetates recycling capabilities. 

Furthermore, it requires highly dangerous acid substances (acetic acid, acetic anhydride, and sulfuric acid). These acids are harmful for those who manufacture it. In addition, it is harmful to the environment if it is not properly disposed of.  

Tap the photo to discover #ecofriendlysunglasses created by @lespecs where they utilize a combination of meadow grass + recycled plastics.  

What are some eco-friendly sunglasses that you love and recommend? Share below 🕶 

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