#SmallBizBigDreams Series: Simonett

#SmallBizBigDreams Series: Simonett

#SmallBizBigDreams Series: Simonett

We want to highlight the small businesses that are a part of Normou. Each and every brand on our platform is a small and sustainable fashion brand, mostly of which are female-founded as well. We absolutely love getting to know these brands that are so dedicated to creating their collections with clean supply chains and ethical business practices. In this blog, we are interviewing Simonett Pereira, a Miami local who has created the ready-to-wear label known as Simonett. 

Simonett Pereira Designer of Simonett

1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Simonett Pereira and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Miami at the age of five where I lived my entire life until I moved to NY this year. I started my first brand Style Mafia at the age of 22 and later moved on to create Simonett as the older, more sophisticated sister of SM.

2. Tell us about your brand. What's the mission behind your brand, and in what ways are you eco friendly and/or ethical?

Simonett is a women’s ready-to-wear label and independent store housing unique design pieces from around the world. I'm the Founder and Creative Director with a focus to meet the wardrobe needs of women all over the world. 
Artfully crafted and beautifully designed, each garment and accessory breathes new life into the ever-evolving female wardrobe. Our silhouettes are defined by fluidity, and remain wearable through the changing of trends and seasons. We are detailed and thoughtful in our manufacturing to ensure our clothes are not only affordable, but can withstand the test of time.
Simonett is committed to dressing the modern woman without losing sight of the planet and the people who make our clothes. Maintaining a fully transparent supply chain is important to us because we know it’s important to you. Our efforts to become a sustainable brand are not simply summarized in a paragraph on our website, but something you can see for yourself through our economic, environmental, and social developments as a company.
Our clothes are made in different factories across Asia that our team hand selects after thoroughly vetting and visiting. We make certain that employees of our manufacturing partners are paid fair wages and work under ethical conditions, and we travel to these facilities regularly to ensure our products are being made with the highest of standards and quality materials.
We strive to minimize the material waste at our manufacturing level, avoiding material excess by limiting our inventory to no more than 100 cuts of any particular style. We also never burn or throw any of our waste into landfills, we re-use it. We have partnered with different organizations that will help us recycle the pieces you no longer want. Feel free to send us your pre-worn garments, and we will make sure they continue their lifecycle.
We are constantly exploring partnerships with different organizations to help raise awareness on the issues we are passionate about and welcome collaboration with like-minded, environmentally conscious brands.

Simonett Nubi Top


3. How have you been during this pandemic? In what ways has this changed your life?

The slowdown has really allowed me to focus on what really matters. Being able to take a step back and analyze how we've been living our lives and realizing how vulnerable we are as a society has been very humbling. Overall this pandemic has changed my perspective and allowed me to tune into my inner creativity and make some changes that I'm actually pretty proud of. 

4. What are you most looking forward to once the pandemic is over?

Enjoying the outdoors and nature. Also the development of our new collection. 

5. What are some things you think the fashion community can do in order to help small businesses?

I think people need to support ideas and humans that are doing good work. Do your research, know what you're buying and align yourself with companies making a difference in the industry. This is how you change the world. 

6. What's been your go-to recipe during all of this?

Avocado salad! 

7. Best book or movie you've read or seen during the pandemic?


8. If you had to pick one big life lesson that you've learned through these past few months, what would that be?

Never lose sight of what's important. Remain connected to your intuition and always maintain a willingness to grow, learn and evolve. 

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