Offset: Your Carbon Footprint, Not The Rapper
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Offsetting our Carbon Footprint is a great and easy way to make a big difference in the environment. We all go about our day to day lives oblivious to the amount of carbon dioxide emissions we emit every day. Fun fact: the average American emits 22 tons of carbon dioxide every year. Luckily, there are easy and chill ways to calculate how much CO2 you’re emitting and “offset” that by paying a small amount, which helps fund the planting of trees. Why trees? Well, trees are the best way to absorb carbon dioxide from the air. They use it as an energy source and produce oxygen for us to breathe.
Here’s our favorite Carbon Emission Calculator:

How else can I offset my carbon emissions? 

Well, fashion for one! One way to lower your personal carbon footprint is to look for brands that use certified organic textiles, buy less from fast fashion companies, look for more durable, timeless pieces of clothing that can last in your closet for a lifetime, or shop vintage.
One of Normou’s favorite brands is Reformation. This brand based in LA went Carbon-Neutral, meaning any carbon they emit, they do their part to offset it. Check out the looks below and shop from this sustainable brand:
 Belgium Dress Reformation Sustainable Fashion
Luna Top Reformation
Granada Dress Reformation
P.S. They have shoes too! 

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