How To Stop Shopping Trends

How To Stop Shopping Trends

How To Stop Shopping Trends

Anyone else remember when the fashion industry consisted of four seasons? Well, now it’s more like 52 micro seasons. This is a byproduct of fast fashion and the mass production of cheap and unsustainable clothing. It feels as though there is a new trend to absorb every week while scrolling through the feed on Instagram and as much as we have to admit that everything seems so cute and the desire to “add to cart” still lingers, we need to take a step back and realize what is happening and how it’s starting to affect not only our bank accounts but also the identity we create as we express ourselves through our clothing.

As I was reading more about ‘how to quit trends’, I came across a quote from a blogger called the “Ethical Unicorn” that says “fashion is meant to be about personal expression and having fun, not following trends set by someone else.” Does this resonate with anyone else?

This guide is meant to help you start to think twice and quit the habit of succumbing to every trend you see on IG. At Normou, we truly believe that one can have impeccable style without ever tapping into whatever is trending.


Carrie Bradshaw in her closet 


1. Look at your closet again

 Take some time and just take another look at your closet. Be honest with yourself. If you are like most people, you probably have a lot of great stuff already sitting there. Think of these items in a new light and try to style what you have differently. Give it a breathe of fresh air. They say “the most sustainable clothes is the clothes already in your closet” and this cannot be more true.

Look to find the versatile pieces in your closet – the “staples”. Pull them out and get creative with new ways you can wear them. 


 2. Control the temptations

The era of the influencer is very much upon us. They are everywhere and let’s admit, their style can be really awesome. From the sudden rise of bucket hats, to majorly puffed sleeves, tiny little purses, tie-dye making a comeback, and so on, new trends are always lurking when you are scrolling aimlessly through Instagram and spot these influencer’s posts. We challenge you to recognize this and control your urge to make the purchase. As fast as these trends arise, is just as fast as these trends die out. Then, you end up with a closet full of “old news”. This is largely the reason why Americans throw out an average of 80 pounds of clothes a year. We are buying clothing for the instant gratification to keep up with these trends but we forget to buy clothes that’s made to last, that’s classic, and truly matches up to our personal style.

Coco Chanel Timeless Fashion


 3. Think timeless

For our founder, Sofia, this has been a huge key to success in her journey from fast fashion to slow fashion. Sofia says, “once I started thinking how I could start to have classic pieces in my closet that can last me years, was when I really started to discover the clothes that was truly worth my time and money.”  There are certain styles, fabrics, and pieces that transcend time—a blazer, little black dress, a good quality boot, products like these don’t have a time stamp.

There is a challenge called the “30 Wears” Challenge, which simply calls you to ask yourself “Will I wear this 30 times?” If the answer is no, then don’t buy it. As simple as that. It’s a challenge to get you to think more objectively and get out of the habit of seeing clothing as being disposable. When you choose timeless & classic pieces, that you can re-wear 30 times or more, you are extending the average lifespan of clothing by three months of active use per item which leads to a five to ten percent reduction of our carbon, water and waste footprint.


Iris Apfel Bold Fashion Style Icon 


 4. Create a balance of bold & simple

 Similar to thinking timeless, there is a lot of talk about being more ‘minimalistic’. When you have some simple pieces in your closet, such as a neutral plain blouse, there are loads of options and outfits that you can create from it. However, some women argue that it can feel ‘boring’ to only shop neutrals and simple pieces. So, there is a concept called the “Yin Yang of aesthetics”, which challenges the concept of going full blown minimalistic. What if you found a balance between what is bold and what is simple?

In addition to honing in on a few durable simple pieces that can be used in various ways, also look to find incredibly unique stand out pieces that you would never tire of. Find statement pieces that have interesting designs, shapes, patterns, and use of color that you can re-wear time and time again without getting bored. The key here is to be mindful enough to distinguish bold statement pieces apart from what is currently trending. It’s important that these stand out pieces are inherently timeless.


 5. Lock down what your personal style is

Have a moment to yourself and reflect on the last few years. How has your style evolved? What are some key words that you feel identify with what your personal style is? Hone in on these words and keep them handy. Think of them every time you decide to shop and stop to think whether or not the products in your cart align with what your personal style is. The insane amount of trends going on has made us all look like carbon copies of each other like we were all mass produced in some creepy robot factory (too much?). Point is, we need to slam the breaks being “trendy” and go back to being “stylish”.

We are all unique beings and there is nothing more refreshing than meeting someone who is 100% themselves. The way we dress and style ourselves is a key player in self expression and unleashing our own creativity. So, being able to embrace your style and who you are will not only make you look even more amazing, but it will increase your confidence and bring about a beautiful energy around you.

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