How To Shop Sustainable On A Budget

How To Shop Sustainable On A Budget

How To Shop Sustainable On A Budget

Does anyone else feel like 'sustainable fashion' is becoming synonymous with 'luxury'? The price tags on ethical clothing products are high - why is that? With good reason, these brands have higher than average prices because they are not cutting corners. 

We have gotten so used to 'fast fashion' and finding the latest trends for under $50, that when we see anything over $100 we automatically shut it out. However, fast fashion prices are not sustainable. They are a literal representation of everything that is wrong with the fashion industry. These prices are due to poor working conditions, unjust low worker's wages, toxic & cheap textiles, absurd water consumption, and more. 


1. Do some digging

There are sustainable brands out there that mark down their products and put them on sale. Continue accruing your list of your favorite ethical brands and keep track of when items go on sale. 


2. Go thrift shopping

Thrift shopping is a great way to shop sustainably on a budget. You can always find incredibly unique pieces that are sure to inspire some really cool looks - and the best part is, you'll be very original as it is hard to come across someone else who would own the same thing. 


3. Plan a swap party with your friends 

Get some of your girlfriends together for wine night and invite them to bring some clothes that they don't necessarily want to wear anymore. Have fun trying things on and swapping clothes. 


4. Borrow!

Who would have thought? Similar to swap parties, ask to borrow whatever you need! Have an event coming up and need something for it? Check with your friends, or your stylish mom, for some pieces that could work for you. 


5. Out with the new, in with the old 

Shopping vintage is becoming easier now. Whether you look up some vintage designer handbags online, check out your local vintage shop, or ask grandma if you can steal her fabulous blazer, vintage is a great way to find great deals. 



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