Empowering Your Style Identity Through A Conscious Closet

Empowering Your Style Identity Through A Conscious Closet

Empowering Your Style Identity Through A Conscious Closet


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If you are the type of person who loves fashion, you often find yourself waking up feeling motivated by the pure action of styling your outfit of the day; you enjoy browsing fashion magazines and online editorials of the latest collections. Ultimately, your insatiable curiosity for what's new and what's next finds you scrolling your well-curated Instagram feed. However, for meI often found that my oversaturated feed showcasing the same influencer approved trends left me feeling disillusioned with the fast fashion ready to be added to cart.  

For most, mindfulness does not come to mind when the items in your closet are variable to seasonal trends and only trends. Asking someone to resist shopping these same fads is usually received as an act of treason to the fashionista mentality. "Oh, how can you curate looks without shopping for the latest styles?"

Sustainable fashion blogger, Agustina, showing her outfit

Nonetheless, as a last resort to regain my love of putting looks together, went on a fast fashion detox and realized that the items most used in my closet transcend time. If you ever find yourself saying, "I wish I could afford that bag," yet also find yourself repeatedly spending money on clothes that will soon be out of style/don't need then I assume that a spending detox would help bring about some perspective.  

If we shift the attention internally, a sustainable wardrobe can help you invest in staple pieces you desire and that you'll cherish for years to come. What found through my journey is that investing in well-made clothing, reusing and repurposing pre-loved items, and indulging in trends in moderation (maybe through a fashion rental subscription) is the perfect sustainable gray area some people need to kick a fast-fashion habit. The same imagination you use to wear the trousers you love five ways is the same creativity that sparks a newfound love for styling your conscious closet.   

Next time you have the urge to run to your neighborhood fast-fashion retailer, take a moment to think of sustainable practices that will nurture your style identity, and get you closer to affording your dream investment piece. Thrifting, consigning, repurposing, and re-loving are avenues that will lead you to a timeless closet. Ultimately, there will always be room for shopping when we talk about sustainable fashion. However, what changes are the customer's value drivers- from chasing trends, to making trends through an empowered sense of self dressed in clothes that withstand the test of time.

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